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Periodontal Treatment
North Bergen NJ

Teeth discomforts and aches are the only signs you need to get immediate dental care. You can be confident that something is wrong when it manifests as pain or a stinking smell that will not go away with diligent brushing. Many people will tell you that their dentists found intense problems inside the tooth, like a lengthy periodontal illness. The following guide is all you need to know about periodontal treatment in North Bergen, NJ.

Everything about treating periodontal disease

Who is a periodontist?

How do we treat this dental issue? This dentist specializes in diagnosing and treating gum disease that fits the description of periodontal illness, infection, and gum inflammation to cause tender gums. This dentist gets extra professional training to help prevent gum disease even before it happens and offers fast solutions for existing gum disease complications.

Treating periodontal disease


The first visit to the dental office involves jotting down your symptoms, examining the gums, and looking at your bit for visible signs of the disease. We may use a probe and X-ray tools to observe the bone under the gums to determine the pockets of the periodontal pockets. The following are the most common signs of periodontal disease:

  • Soreness or pain in the mouth

  • Bleeding when flossing or brushing

  • Separation or looseness

  • Bad breath

  • Changing bite

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Swollen gums

  • Pus between the teeth and gums

You need to understand periodontal illness can lead to other health issues; hence it is best to treat it as soon as possible. More so, you have a better chance of reversing the illness when you seek treatment before the disease progresses past the gingivitis stage.

Treatment options

We have several options for treating the illness and recommend one that matches your specific case and severity. Non-surgical treatments like root planning and scaling are best performed in a pair to remove and prevent bacteria overgrowth. Flap or pocket surgery is best for cleaning out the roots so that the antibiotics can work faster and better.

Is there a treatment to reverse periodontal illness?

Cliff’s Dental has several restorative procedures to repair a lot of the damage you get from the illness, such as receding gums or tooth loss. Our dental clinic's periodontists have completed advanced years of training and treatment and will perform any of the following services to better the dental health and aesthetics affected by the gum illness:

  • Oral pathology

  • Root amputation

  • Gum recession

  • Pocket irrigation

  • Pocket reduction surgery

  • Sinus augmentation

  • Tissue grafting

  • Ridge modification

  • Scaling and root planting

  • Jaw correction treatment

  • Lengthening the crows

  • Regenerative procedures

Preventative services

The above treatment option has solutions to prevent progressive gum disease, depending on the severity. We recommend regular teeth cleanings to remove accumulated tartar and plaque, scaling to deep-clean the rough spots, and smoothing to even our rough spots that may collect bacteria.

Our periodontal treatment in North Bergen NJ improves overall gum health and prevents re-infection of gums for as long as possible. Please schedule a consultation online today or call 201-710-7772 for more information on our orthodontics services.

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